Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez was born and raised in Tucson. He graduated from Tucson High School in 2005. Eduardo has been struggling with reading and writing since he was a kid.  In school, he had both [...]

Batsiemisa ‘Prisca’ Bikumunu

Batsiemisa “Prisca” Bikumunu arrived in Tucson in December of 2015 as a refugee from Congo. She left behind her family including a brother and sister. She arrived in Tucson alone. There were no [...]

Stories that Transform

Be transformed by the stories of adult learners! Recently, our students have had the privilege of working on an exciting, new project for Literacy Connects. For the first time ever, students [...]

Congratulations GED Graduates!

Congratulations to our recent GED graduates! On Wednesday, May 22nd, ten students reached an educational milestone.  Eight students from the Lindsey Learning Center, a partnership between [...]

Volunteers – You Are Appreciated!

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we would like to thank all of the volunteers in Literacy Connects’ programs for your many dedicated hours of service. You are truly the [...]

My Literacy is my Children’s Literacy

Over the course of six weeks, three adult students from Literacy Volunteers of Tucson and three tutors created digital literacy stories. STORYTELLING is the way we have communicated since our [...]

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