Reading Seed’s mission is to empower children to be independent readers so they can become lifelong learners.

Reading Seed supports public elementary schools and students by:

  • Partnering with high-need schools to support their students in developing healthy relationships with books and reading
  • Selecting and training volunteers to provide one-to-one reading coaching for students in kindergarten – 2nd grade
  • Emphasizing reading as a positive experience in a non-judgmental environment
  • Increasing students’ confidence and skills through our student-centered, strengths-based approach to literacy
  • Providing free books to students based on their individual interests to encourage independent reading

Want to know more?

Reading Seed is returning to an in-person program for the 21-22 school year and is currently recruiting potential new volunteers. Click on the “Interested in Coaching?” button below to see if this volunteer opportunity is a good fit and to learn more about our on-boarding process.

Other Reading Seed Programs

Due to the restrictions in place because of COVID-19, Digital Reading Seed piloted during the 20-21 school year at Helen Keeling Elementary, E.C. Nash Elementary, and the Amphi Academy Online. Kindergarten and first grade students who are participating in this program work digitally via Zoom with their coach, and engage in e-books via the Epic! platform. Volunteers are not needed for this digital program.

Reading Seed Families is a free five week online workshop series designed for parents and caregivers of children grades K-5 in Pima County. Come explore reading and writing strategies and tools that can be used to create joyful literacy experiences at home that will leave you and your child feeling empowered and excited! Learn more about the program here.

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