An English Language tutor sings the praises of his class

“Twice a week I have had the pleasure of teaching English to a group of adult students. They are dedicated, enthusiastic, and, I think most importantly, kind and encouraging to one another. That’s what makes them great.

I have a great deal of respect for their dedication. Juan and Ignacio are construction workers. These men wake up with the sun and perform physically exhausting work for eight hours. There’s every excuse to spend the evening watching TV, yet they show up and are leaders in the classroom.

Some of our students ride the bus. At night, the bus can easily add an hour to their time commitment. Other students rely on rides from friends or family. As a result, they can’t always control when they can and can’t make it to class. I’m amazed seeing a core group of students consistently show up ready to learn.

Our class is a comfortable place to be because of the kindness and respect the students show for one another. This is most evident when we have a new student. You can see the nervousness build when they see it will soon be their turn to introduce themselves. Sometimes they get through it just fine, but when they don’t, the other students are quick to say, ‘It’s okay,’ or ‘You can do it.’ Last Monday, when a new student from Thailand read aloud for the first time, she was greeted by a round of applause.

I am continually impressed by the quality of students I teach. They are simply good people, dedicated, enthusiastic, and they know how to treat each other with kindness.”

~Cole Steen, Tutor

This is only one of many submissions to the annual Dick and Jane Award for excellence in learning.

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