• Matt Tarver-Wahlquist
    Matt Tarver-Wahlquist Executive Director
  • Aryn Chaput
    Aryn Chaput Office Manager
  • Cecilia Abarca
    Cecilia Abarca Stories that Soar! Arts Integration Coordinator
  • Cheryl Clarke
    Cheryl Clarke Interim Director of Development
  • Cheryl Gamm
    Cheryl Gamm Reading Seed Education and Training Coordinator
  • Cydne Bolton
    Cydne Bolton Learning Center Coordinator
  • Dallas Thomas
    Dallas Thomas Stories that Soar! Production Manager
  • Debra Winstead
    Debra Winstead Grants Assistant
  • Edie Lantz Leppert
    Edie Lantz Leppert Adult Basic Literacy Program Director
  • Ersilia Loustaunau
    Ersilia Loustaunau English Language Acquisition Program Coordinator
  • Gina Compitello
    Gina Compitello Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Jamie Keeran
    Jamie Keeran Reading Seed Program Coordinator
  • Jennifer Stanowski
    Jennifer Stanowski English Language Acquisition Program Director
  • Kate Van Roekel
    Kate Van Roekel English Language Acquisition Teacher Education and Training Coordinator
  • Lisa O’Meara
    Lisa O’Meara Reading Seed Program Director
  • Lizzy Studstill
    Lizzy Studstill Volunteer Manager and Trainer
  • Lupita Vazquez
    Lupita Vazquez Receptionist
  • Manuel Padilla
    Manuel Padilla GED Coordinator
  • Melisa Woodhall
    Melisa Woodhall Grants Manager
  • Missy Root
    Missy Root Reach Out and Read Southern Arizona Program Director
  • Rebecca Werner
    Rebecca Werner Director of Finance and Operations
  • Rhiannon O’Leary
    Rhiannon O’Leary Program Coordinator, Adult Basic Literacy
  • Robyn Carter
    Robyn Carter Volunteer Director
  • Seleana Kleparek
    Seleana Kleparek Reading Seed Program Manager
  • Sharon O’Brien
    Sharon O’Brien Stories that Soar! Artistic Director
  • Susan Friese
    Susan Friese Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator
  • Victoria Wilson
    Victoria Wilson Database Manager
  • Violet Kennedy
    Violet Kennedy Library Manager

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