My Literacy is my Children’s Literacy

Over the course of six weeks, three adult students from Literacy Volunteers of Tucson and three tutors created digital literacy stories.

STORYTELLING is the way we have communicated since our earliest ancestors gathered around a campfire. Digital stories continue this tradition in modern form, by allowing individuals to use easily available software to create short, five- to eight-minute multimedia movies. The following LVT storytellers have combined their voices, photographs, artwork and music, to create personal stories about their own lives and educational journeys.

Below are two digital stories that truly highlight the inter-generational impact of literacy.

This story was written, produced and narrated by Arcelia Espitia, a native Spanish speaker who has been learning English in free LVT classes since 2009. Speaking of her motivation for learning English, Arcelia said,

“I clean houses, but my children are going to design them or build them.  My literacy is my children’s literacy.”

Watch Arcelia’s Australia inspirational online casino digital story casino below.


Meet Rebecca, a dedicated LVT tutor, whose grandmother’s commitment to education became a legacy that she left to generations to come.

Rebecca said,

 “Although my grandmother’s story began in poverty, its ‘happy endings’ multiply with each generation. It is an honor to share the great and powerful gift of literacy.


Stay connected with us! We will be showcasing more of our amazing digital stories in the months to come.

As the founder of digital storytelling, Dana Atchley, puts it, “Digital stories are all about “making connections.”


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