Thanks Tucson for a record-setting show of support at Tucson Festival of Books!

Thanks to your support, Literacy Connects collected over 1,400 signatures for the National Right to Literacy Scroll at their tent at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 10 and 11.  This is a new national record!!  Previously Milwaukee held the record for the most signatures with 1,238.

There is no competition for how many signatures are collected in a city, but the response of Tucson and Southern Arizona to the National Right to Literacy Scroll certainly demonstrates that our community understands the importance of literacy.  Both President Obama and Maya Angelou are among the 30,000 people throughout the country who have signed the scroll.

In addition to signing the Right to Literacy Scroll, Literacy Connects asked the community to share how they are personally connected to the literacy movement through an interactive “Walk of Literacy.” By the end of Sunday, the colorful ribbons were full of more than 825 personal messages and drawings from festival goers, especially kids.

Literacy Connects also gave away more than 3,000 free books during the Festival, and almost 300 individuals took action on a local level by signing the local Literacy Pledge for Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Many thanks to the hundreds of Festival attendees who visited the Literacy Connects booth and showed their support for literacy! And thanks to all our wonderful volunteers, tutors, coaches, students and board members who helped make the Literacy Connects tent such an incredible success.

For more pictures from the Literacy Connects tent at Tucson Festival of Books 2012, please visit our Facebook page. We will be featuring some of our favorite drawings and personal messages from the “Walk of Literacy” over the next several weeks!!

Thank you Tucson Festival of Books for your support!


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