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Come join us at our Open House & Recognition Event! Friday, April 29, 2016 4:30pm-7:00pm 200 E. Yavapai Rd. Please RSVP here for catering purposes. […]

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Join us in raising readers, leaders, learners, communicators … world changers!

Literacy Connects is a Tucson nonprofit serving children and adults through literacy and arts programming that creates solutions to many oBoSTSf society’s most persistent problems. From reducing unemployment and poverty to increasing economic growth and opportunity, literacy is key to a better future for all of us.


Literacy is, of course, about reading, writing and communication, but most importantly it’s about hope. If you cannot read or write, you have very little hope of earning a living wage, let alone enough to help lift your family out of poverty. If you cannot read, you have very little hope of teaching your child to read or helping them with their homework.



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Fortunately, as one of our student graduates, Rafael Perez, shared, “Knowledge is power.” He also described Literacy Connects as the root of a tree. That is a wonderful analogy as Literacy Connects is like a tree … with roots that connect people to programs and opportunities to learn, to grow and to give back.


Join us in planting the seeds that will help our community grow into a garden we can all enjoy for generations to come.


Please explore our extensive range of programs that connect individuals and groups from across the community to work toward better literacy outcomes:


Literacy Connects to everything. Together, we make a difference!


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