Education that Connects!

As students learn to turn their original stories into short plays and videos,

they are also developing the life skills needed for success: 

Creativity, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Adaptability, and Clear Communication

During StoryShare K-12 Curriculum, students explore roles as playwrights, actors, directors, animators, and video editors. The collaborative design of the program supports Social and Emotion Learning as students communicate goals, give and receive feedback, manage timelines, and navigate decision making for the common good.

StoryShare residencies are tailored to a school or organization’s specific needs, whether that be in-school, after-school, and for summer programs. StoryShare has been successfully implemented with language learners, accelerated learners, and in traditional and special needs classrooms.

In addition to StoryShare K-12 Curriculum, we also have opportunities designed for HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA DEPARTMENTS. Learn more about the impact of STS! High here:

STS! High Academic Standards



Impact Report


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