Literacy Connects Coalition


Literacy Connects Coalition is a coalition of government, nonprofit, business, media, funding, and educational organizations that understand increasing the literacy level of our community is the single best way to ensure a prosperous economy and an improved quality of life for everyone in Tucson. The coalition:

  • Connects families and people of all ages with opportunities to learn
  • Connects workplaces with resources to improve employees’ literacy skills
  • Connects neighborhoods with resources to produce high literacy rates among residents

The Literacy Connects Coalition (originally named the Literacy for Life Coalition) was launched by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona – in partnership with Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities (TREO), Southern Arizona Leadership Council (SALC), and Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce – and chosen as the top priority by the 165 participants at the 2007 Tucson Regional Town Hall.  This coalition is comprised of everyone in Tucson who is committed to achieving the goal of 100% literacy through 100% community engagement.