Study Spanish at Literacy Connects!

Take college-level Spanish courses taught by a retired college professor! Varying levels are offered regularly throughout the year at the Literacy Connects campus.

Spanish 103

January 16, 2018 – March 6, 2018

BEGINNING SPANISH 103.  Third term of an introductory course designed for those students who studied Spanish many years ago and still remember the basics (present tense and basic, every-day vocabulary), but need a quick review before moving on, and for those who have completed two terms of Spanish here at LC..  It is also a good review or “remedial” course for college students who struggled with the language, but need to continue at some point in their college career, or for those that just want to have some fun with Spanish.  Although grammar, vocabulary, and syntax will be presented, the main focus will be on reading and speaking the language in real situational contexts.  The text we use is LEARN SPANISH THE FAST AND FUN WAY, Barron’s, 2014; we will be finishing the second half of that text. Click here to register.

Spanish 201

January 18, 2018 – March 8, 2018

INTERMEDIATE/CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH 201.  This will be an intermediate course for students who have either completed a basic course (in college, three terms here at LC, or in real-life situations) and are ready to improve their speaking, reading and writing skills.  The class will include a review of beginner and intermediate skills and grammar (present tense, pronouns, preterit, imperfect and perfect forms, commands and idiomatic expressions), but will emphasize communication skills (speaking, reading, and writing).  Although the text has not yet been chosen, class will be based upon basic readings (short stories, poetry, articles, etc.) from which conversations will be developed.  This class will include students from high-beginning to high-intermediate levels, so patience and a sense of humor will be required by all participants. Click here to register.

Questions? Contact Leslie Pape at or (520)882-8006