Stories that Soar! Professional Theatre

(Grades K-6)

young author with the box“Feed me stories!” That’s how Stories that Soar! theatre productions begin — with an invitation from our “hungry” Magic Box for children to “feed” it their original stories, regardless of topic, grammar, spelling or the language in which it is written.

The Magic Box promises to give children’s words and ideas back to them in a magical way. Through the talent and artistry of our ensemble of professional adult actors, these stories are transformed into a unique, innovative theatrical production that celebrates literacy, inspires creativity, entertains and positively impacts the entire school community as children see their own stories come to life on stage.

In the 2017-18 academic year, Stories that Soar! Professional Theatre is partnering with thirteen schools across six school districts.

Here’s what educators have to say about Stories that Soar!

“My students simply don’t do this sort of work for me; they only do it for the Magic Box. It’s beautiful and amazing.” — 3rd grade teacher

“This is the most important assembly we have at our school each year. Our kids are really encouraged to write and the teachers love it. You can build it around your curriculum and it still ties into our academic standards.”  — Elementary school principal