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For years, the hungry Magic Box has been eating children’s original stories as part of Literacy Connects’ Stories that Soar! program. In its wake the bejeweled, ever-voracious box has inspired countless children to explore the unlimited possibilities of their imaginations. It has helped shape school culture by celebrating stories and creative thinking. While steadily making an impact on literacy by motivating young writers, the Magic Box ultimately provides some key elements to education for nurturing life long learners: joy, freedom of choice, and meaningful connections.

A few years ago, the Mini Magic Box came on the scene. Starting as a token presented after each Stories that Soar! production to the class submitting the most stories, ‘the Mini’ has quickly evolved into a year-round mascot for creative writing, story sharing and healthy academic competition at partnering schools sites.

Ever responsive and always thinking of new ways to inspire hungry young minds, the Stories that Soar! team is introducing the newest member of the Box family this season, the Curiosity Box. Cousin to the Magic Box, the Curiosity Box encourages kids to become Question-Askers, inviting them to feed it their wonders, what ifs, and creative inquiries. With buy-in from principals and teachers, the goals are to have the contents of the Curiosity Box spark topics for conversation, research, stories, and student guided learning. Today’s increased focus on S.T.E.M, necessitates more time for fostering innovative thinking. The new mini box is designed to help answer that call by creating a culture of curiosity where all children feel empowered ask questions, write creative stories, and share new ideas as they ‘Imagine what is not, and what could be!

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• Providing opportunity for children to ask questions creates a school culture that empowers students to take an active role in their own learning.

• Celebrating questions by sharing them in creative and meaningful ways can help nurture and develop a child’s Curious Quotient, one of the keys to becoming a life long learner.

• Motivated learners are more eager to participate in school, making the teaching/learning process more joyful for all!

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Please share your ideas with us, so we can share them with our partners as we celebrate a culture of curiosity and story sharing throughout our community!!