Welcome to Reading Seed! The following information is meant for teachers who work at schools that partner with the Reading Seed program.  Please use the information on this page to enhance your involvement with our program.

Student Referrals

Before you refer your students, please ensure that you are familiar with the Student Eligibility Criteria and the Reading Seed Coaching Method.

Student Eligibility Criteria

Select students who:

  • Are struggling with reading and are below grade level based on beginning of the year reading assessments
  • Are willing to meet one-on-one with a coach each week
  • Have a fairly good attendance record
  • Have at least conversational English proficiency

Do not select students who:

  • Read on or above grade level
  • Have a learning disability in reading
  • Have significant behavioral/attention issues
  • Based on emotional need alone

Reading Seed Coaching Method (Non-Negotiable)

  •  Coaches work with one student at a time for 30 minutes each
  •  Coaching sessions should take place outside of the classroom in a relatively quiet location
  •  Students choose the books that they will read with their Coaches

Please note: All students that work with a Reading Seed Coach must be referred to our program. Students who are not referred to the program will not receive a Reading Seed Journal, Reading Seed Game Board with prizes and incentives, end-of-year medallions, or end-of-year certificates. 

Please contact your Reading Seed Program Coordinator for the link to refer your students.

Program Coordinators

Lisa O’Meara – Keeling Kinder Project, Nash Kinder Project- lomeara@literacyconnects.org

Debra Winstead – Los Ninos Intensive, Summit View -dwinstead@literacyconnects.org

Jessica Lenchitsky – TUSD Schools East Swan Rd/Downtown and Non-TUSD Schools – jlenchitsky@literacyconnects.org

Katie Cooper – TUSD Schools West of Swan Rd. – kcooper@literacyconnects.org

Teacher Resources

**Workshops for Parents – For teachers interested in further reaching parents, Reading Seed offers a two-hour workshop on tips and tricks for reading in the home.  Whether facilitating a parent-child reading session, assisting in planning a “Family Literacy Night” or educating parents on the importance of literacy, Reading Seed trainers can adapt this workshop to meet your students’ needs. To learn more, please e-mail Jessica Dennes at JDennes@LiteracyConnects.org. Please allow for up to 4 weeks of preparation time.

**Professional Development with Coaches – Teachers are invited to attend Reading Seed Professional Development trainings that are offered to Reading Seed Coaches either as a facilitator or as an attendee. To view the schedule, please click here. To discuss possible facilitation, please e-mail Jessica Dennes at JDennes@LiteracyConnects.org.

Frequently Asked Questions from Teachers

How often should I expect my Reading Seed Coach to arrive? Coaches are expected to arrive at the school once a week at a designated time and day. Please contact Reading Seed if your coach has not arrived on a regular basis and has not responded to your attempts at communication.

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about the program or my Reading Seed Coach? Please contact your Reading Seed Program Coordinator:

Can I ask my Reading Seed Coach(es) for help inside of my classroom? You may ask them to help inside of your classroom as long as they fulfill their coaching requirements of coaching their students one-on-one, outside of the classroom with student book choice. Please do not ask them to change their schedule to help in your classroom. 

If you have any other questions, please contact your Program Coordinator.