Leveled Lending Library

The Literacy Connects library has grown to include more than 21,000 books for children in kindergarten through 12th grade.  Books are available for check out to Literacy Connects Volunteers -and there are NO late fees!

Books can be searched by level, grade, subject and more in our online database, and we even deliver books to TUSD through district interoffice mail. The  LC library is separated into 5 main sections – making it easier than ever to find books that are a good fit for your students!

Organized from easiest to hardest section

  • Emerging Readers
  • Beginning Readers
  • Early Readers
  • Intermediate Readers
  • Advanced Readers

For more information, please contact Violet Kennedy, Reading Seed’s Library Coordinator.

Books can be checked out by all Literacy Connects Volunteers.  

Reading Seed’s Lending Library has low level/high interest books for children and teens, is in leveled sections for ease of use, and doesn’t have late fees!

If you volunteer or work in Tucson Unified School District, the books you check out online can be delivered in approximately one week to your school. Please contact Reading Seed if you do not receive the books!

If you volunteer in other school districts , you’ll need to pick them up at the Literacy Connects campus.

If you volunteer  in TUSD, put the books back into the plastic envelope they arrived in. Turn the pink sheet of paper over so it reads “Please Return these Reading Seed books…” Give the package to the receptionist in your school’s main office. That person will then send the book to the school district office they will be picked up by LC staff. Other school districts and other Library users will need to return books to the Literacy Connects Library.

Absolutely! The advantage is that you can open and look at the books. Come in and you can also get help from our library staff finding some great books for your individual students. Literacy Connects is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

You can keep the books for 60 days. You can renew items yourself by logging into the LC Library or call/email the Literacy Connects Library Coordinator at 520-882-8006 ext 297  library@literacyconnects.org

There is no set limit for how many books you can check out. Please check out what you need!

Call the Lending Library at 798-0700 or send an email to library@literacyconnects.org and the Library Coordinator will be happy to give you suggestions!

These books should be read by you and the student together and not sent home with students. Because these books are checked out in your name, you are responsible for returning them.

We have many, many great books! Call the Library for assistance if you don’t know where to start.

Take a variety of books at several levels. Pick some that have a few words per page and some that are more difficult. This will help you assess what level works best for your students.

The Lending Library books have barcodes that say Reading Seed on the back cover. They also should say “Please Return to Literacy Connects” on the front cover.