Dinosaur and Dragon Books


We have a diverse collection of dragon and dinosaur books to cater to students at different levels and with different interests!

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime
Written & illustrated by Bob Shea
Reading Seed Level: Emerging; Fountas & Pinnel Level: D; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

No challenge is too great for this little dinosaur. Not a pile of leaves, not a big slide, not even a bowl of spaghetti. It all comes down to the final challenge-bedtime! Who will win? You’ll have to read to find out!

The book is laid out in a way to create suspense about what challenge this action-packed dinosaur will take on next. Use this opportunity to ask your students to predict what will happen next. There is repetition, a lot of “roar!’s,” and easy picture clues to help your student along in this low level book.

The Dragon’s Scales
By Sarah Albee
Illustrated by John Manders
Reading Seed Level: Beginning; Fountas & Pinnell Level: I; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

In this fantasy book, the residents of Berry Town must outsmart a “very big, very scaly, and very scary” dragon in order to get to their beloved berry fields. The story makes the reader think as a small girl named Holly challenges the dragon in a test of weights and measure. Students that like math and are beginning readers will enjoy this sweet story of a small girl helping her town.

Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct
Written and illustrated by Mo Willems
Reading Seed Level: Beginning; Fountas & Pinnell Level: I; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

Edwina is a dinosaur, the only dinosaur in town. Everyone knows and loves her, except one little boy. He tries to explain to everyone that dinosaurs are extinct, but no one will listen. They would rather eat Edwina’s famous chocolate-chip cookies. Finally, he gets Edwina to listen. She is convinced by his arguments, but she just doesn’t care.

There are one to three sentences per page with very large text. His illustrations are humorous with small details that are fun to take in. If you’ve read any of Mo Willems’ books, you’ll appreciate the Australia consistency of online casino his style casino. He is the author of the Pigeon books, the Elephant & Piggie series, and Knufflebunny, all of which you can find in our Lending Library.

Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood
By Timothy Knapman
Illustrated by Gwen Millward
Reading Seed Level: Early; Fountas & Pinnell Level: K; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

This is a sweet story about a dragon who finds a Benjamin. The dragon takes the Benjamin home and to school to show his family and friends. The dragons inspect the Benjamin to see what it likes to eat and why it didn’t breathe fire. When the Benjamin talks about his home and starts to leak water from his eyes, the dragon takes the Benjamin to his family. When the dragon returns home he tells his friends all about what he saw in the country full of Benjamins.

This is a wonderful book to introduce your student to different perspectives and to consider how other people or things feel. With two or three long sentences per page, this would be best for readers who are working on fluency and comprehension.

Hiro Dragon Warrior: Battle at Mount Kamado
By Bobbi JG Weiss & David Cody Weiss
Illustrated by Robbie Short
Reading Seed Level: Beginning; Fountas & Pinnell: E; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

Hiro and his friends are studying to become dragon warriors. Master Fu gives them a mission to find the Power Jade for bravery. They come across Fear Spells and ninjas that test their bravery. When Hiro’s friends don’t listen to him, they end up getting kidnapped by evil Master Gomi, and Hiro must save them.

This is a Phonics Comics book. It is great for beginning students who enjoy the comic book style because of the large, easy-to-follow text. As with all Phonics Comics there are story words and sight words on the inside back cover that will be useful to go over before reading. Your student may need some help with the names of the characters, but give them at least 20 seconds to try to figure it out on their own.

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?
By Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Mark Teague
Reading Seed Level: Beginning; Fountas & Pinnell Level: G; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

This delightful story attempts to answer the question in the title-How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? The bright pictures and hilarious words will keep the reader interested and laughing along the entire time. This is a good book for readers that enjoy rhyming, short sentences and of course, dinosaurs.

Magic Matt and the Dinosaur
By Grace Maccarone
Illustrated by Norman Bridwell
Reading Seed Level: Emerging; Fountas & Pinnell Level: C; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

This book is about a young magician and the hilarious trouble he gets into when he attempts to make a turtle for the reader. Attempting to create a turtle, he creates a dinosaur instead! How will Magic Matt take care of this wild creature? This low level reader is good for emerging readers and offers bright pictures, short sentences, and silly fun for all dinosaur lovers!

Prehistoric Actual Size
Written and illustrated by Steve Jenkins
Reading Seed Level: Early; Fountas & Pinnell Level: K; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

This is a fabulous fact-filled nonfiction book with beautifully crafted paper illustrations to demonstrate the actual size of prehistoric animals. There are only one or two sentences per page describing each animal and telling how long ago it lived. There is plenty of white space on each page, which allows you to take in the stunning images and not be overwhelmed by the long names of the animals. Pronunciations are provided for you and your student to use. Don’t skip the last few pages of the book. They contain even more facts and the entire image of each animal.

There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon
Written & illustrated by Jack Kent
Reading Seed Level: Beginning; Fountas & Pinnell Level: H; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

“There’s no such thing as a dragon,” said Mrs. Bixbee, but is there? This story tells about how a young boy’s discovery of a small dragon becomes a big problem as the dragon continues to grow in size. As he attempts to tell his mother what is going on, she insists there is no such thing as a dragon. This story keeps the reader’s attention as Billy and his family go on a wild adventure with the dragon. This book is good for struggling students with a few sentences per page.

Thesaurus Rex
By Laya Steinberg
Illustrated by Debbie Harter
Reading Seed Level: Emerging; Fountas & Pinnell Level: D; Interest Level: K-3rd grade

This simple story follows a young dinosaur on his daily routine while teaching students synonyms for common words. Thesaurus Rex doesn’t just play-he likes to frolic, follick, frisk, and romp! With pictures to illustrate new words, this is an ideal book for students that like adventure and coaches that want to teach new vocabulary.