ELAA Tutor Forms

Submit your monthly ELAA tutoring hours.


To maintain an overview of tutoring and student progress, we ask that you report total tutoring hours, preparation and transportation time using the online form below,  mail, e-mail, or fax at the end of each month.

  • Please enter your name here
  • Please select the number of hours you volunteered in the classroom this month.
  • Please select the number of hours you spent preparing for you class this month.
  • Please select the number of hours you traveled to and from class this month.
  • Please enter your email here

The forms below are printable pdfs. If you want to be able to type information into the forms, contact us and we will email the forms to you.

Acrobat Reader ELAA Class Student Sign In Sheet
Acrobat Reader ELAA Certificate Spring 2014 — Download, print & customize for your students!
 Student Registration Forms — Please write your site name on the form BEFORE making copies.
 Acrobat Reader Library Registration — English
 Acrobat Reader Library Registration — Spanish
 Acrobat Reader Non-Library Registration — English
 Acrobat Reader Non-Library Registration — Spanish
Acrobat Reader ELAA Lesson Planning Template