Tutor Log & Hours Report

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New!! Easy-to-use online hours submission form!
Submit your monthly Basic Literacy tutoring hours here.

To maintain an overview of tutoring and student progress, we ask that you report total tutoring hours and total preparation and transportation time to the Basic Literacy Program staff or directly to the office by the online form below, mail, e-mail, or fax at the end of each month.

Basic Literacy Tutoring Log and Monthly Hours Report

Please send this report by the 5th of the month for the previous month's tutoring. Please submit a different form for each student.
  • Enter the total number of hours you spent working directly with your student here.
  • Enter the total number of hours you spent preparing for your sessions with your student.
  • Enter the total number of hours you spent traveling to and from your sessions with your student.
    Important! Please provide more detail on the accomplishments of your student in the boxes below. We track these accomplishments for accountability and track them in our database. And we LOVE stories!!
  • What can your student do this month that he/she couldn't do last month?
  • What topics, materials and lessons did you and your student work on this month?
  • What successes, challenges and stories do you have to share?

The form below is a printable pdf. Here are two ways you can use it:

  1. Fill the form out electronically. Save it to your computer (desktop). Attach it to an email and send it in.
  2. Print the form. Fill it out by hand. Send it in either by fax or regular mail.

   Basic Literacy Individual Monthly Tutor Log

We are eager to learn about student progress and any goals achieved. Please report these on the monthly form, as well. Please note that the reports are also required by ProLiteracy America in order for us to maintain our accreditation.

Thank you!