Literacy Volunteers of Tucson


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Literacy Volunteers of Tucson believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to read, write and/or speak English. We work with adults in two main areas:

Since we began in 1961, our programs have been nationally accredited.

We recruit, train and support volunteers who tutor adult students learning to speak English or improve their reading, writing and math skills. Due to the generosity of our donors and volunteers, tutoring is free and provided at public locations convenient to tutors and students.

Become a tutor!

We offer an individualized approach to meet students where they are and to teach to students’ goals. Many of the students we serve are at the lowest literacy levels. Without LVT, these students would have few learning options.  Read our students’ stories in our student publication, Literacy Ventures in Tucson.

Large numbers of adults are seeking literacy services because they want to be more fully integrated into our community. With the first (huge) step — asking for help — our students enter the path leading to improved language skills. As skills improve, so do confidence and self-esteem, which encourages more learning and growth. Improved literacy isn’t just a “feel good” for our students; it is the wellspring from which our successful community blossoms.

This 13-minute video is a wonderful introduction to Literacy Volunteers of Tucson. See and hear first-hand from some of our wonderful students and volunteers how adult literacy changes lives.