Meet Our Tutors







Having worked 25 years in Human Resources (HR), Kathy also has experience teaching ESL and is a Tai Chi instructor. In addition to ELAA, Kathy also teaches the language component of the Job Search Success class.






Janet teaches English at Rincon Congregational Church where she has a group of tight-knit students. Although the class is meant to be Advanced level, often it turns out to be multi-level and Janet is fine with that.






He’s been a carpenter, a painter, a cabbie and an airline baggage handler. Then there were those 19 years on the road as a long-haul trucker.






When tutor Linda Gilvear wants to get a certain word across, she sometimes winds up on the floor – only natural for this former actress who once did TV commercials and even played Winona Ryder’s “mean guidance counselor” in the movie, “Girl, Interrupted.”


Laurie and Mary Elizabeth





Somehow, Laurie Olson and Mary Elizabeth Pollard – two full-time working professionals – find time to help others learn English. It helps that the two are long-time friends, comfortable in trading off class duties.






Stu Salasche teaches  a High     Intermediate conversation course. “We sit around a table and everyone is engaged throughout the two hour period. The conversations often revolve around common experiences such as food, marriage, meals, and schooling within their own cultures compared to American culture.”


Alejandro is an Accountant and has been an ELAA tutor at Mission Branch Library for almost a year. “Being able to help my students and make them feel confident in every class is something I enjoy thoroughly. English is my second language, and I feel I can resolve their doubts easier because one day I was learning English as well.”







Sherry has been the Intermediate class tutor at Eckstrom-Columbus library for several years now. She speaks fluent Portuguese and semi-fluent Spanish and is well regarded by her students and her co tutors.

Sherry’s class is usually full to bursting because she does not like to turn any student away and this has earned her a loyal following.


Dwight was an ELAA tutor several years ago until he decided to take a break. Fortunately for Literacy Connects, he realized he wanted to return and we are truly happy that he did.

Dwight teaches an Intermediate class and has a committed class as well as an incredible site support team.