Be an Advocate


Increasing the literacy level of our community is the single best way to ensure a prosperous economy and an improved quality of life for everyone in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Your voice can make a difference! Help build a culture of literacy by being an advocate for literacy programming. Here are a few simple ways to advocate:

Connect with us!

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  • Spread the word by passing along this information to people you know.

Take action:

Be part of the literacy movement:

Use your library. Read a book to someone. Join a book club. Learn something new today. Ask for help when you need it. Listen to a child. Participate in a child’s education. Share a favorite book with a friend. Write a story. Learn a new word. Learn a new language. Put on a play. Hand-write a note or letter. Create something. Give a book as a gift. Ask questions. Play word games. Listen to each other. Improve your financial literacy. Tell a story.