Literacy Ventures


Literacy Ventures in Tucson is a magazine by and about our students. The magazine is published online, and print copies are available on request.

Issue 16 — published July 2016

Issue 15 — published April 2016

Issue 14 (Stories that Transform! edition) — published September 2015

Issue 13 (Poetry edition) — published June 2015

Issue 12 — published April 2015

Issue 11 (Stories that Transform! edition) — published September 2014

Issue 10 (Stories that Transform! edition)  published September 2013

Issue 9 — published  April 2013

Issue 8 — published November 2012

Issue 7 — published May 2012

Issue 6 published March 2012

Issue 5 published February 2012

Issue 4 published October 2011

Issue 3 published August 2011

Issue 2 published June 2011

Issue 1 — published March 2011


Submit your work!

This is your chance to showcase your work and success to other readers: fellow students and tutors, volunteers, the community of Tucson and the world. Begin by reading the general guidelines. Then check out the information about the section of the magazine that interests you.

Submissions must be made electronically to Work should be completely finished and ready for publication. Submit in one document: edited piece, author’s name, small introductory paragraph about the author (written by tutor or student.)

If you or your student need assistance with email or other computer applications, please come to the Tutoring Center (Monday and/or Wednesday afternoon) for technical assistance from a tutor.


General Guidelines>>

  1. This is a real publication.
    • Submit only your best work in its best and final format. Do not submit your work until it is “good to go.” No pieces and parts, “sloppy copies” or “do-overs.” This is your best work, and you are submitting it for publication.
    • Keep in mind that anyone with access to the Internet can see this magazine. Never include personal details that you do not wish to share with the world. That means you should not spill your personal secrets or identifying information (like your birth date).
  2. By submitting a piece of writing or a success story, you are giving permission to print names as well as text.
    • Make sure you have permission to use all of the names in your submission.
    • Author bylines will appear in the form in which they are submitted. Include your name just as you would like it to appear.
  3. Photography and graphics may be accepted.
    • Artwork must support written pieces, not replace them.
    • Artwork must be original and owned by the student submitting it.
    • Any human subjects in photographs must sign a photo release form. This is available at the Literacy Connects office.
  4. All submissions must be in an electronic format, as indicated in the guidelines for each section.


Submitting Student Work for Stories etc.>>

  1. A complete submission for the “Stories, etc.” section is a Word document (or a plain text file that can be opened by Word), that includes:
    • The student’s piece, which will not be edited by the editor or staff. You are responsible for your own proofreading.
    • The author’s name (byline) as the author wishes it to appear in the magazine. This may be the full name, first name only, initials, etc.
    • An optional “blurb” – a line or two about how the piece was written or inspired. This may be written by the student or the tutor. It should not include sensitive personal information; this is for publication.