Individual Investors

One of our amazing adult learners, Rafa Perez,

described Literacy Connects as the root of a tree …

with our partners, donors, and sponsors as the branches,

and our learners as the leaves and fruit. 

You make positive, lasting change in our community.

Thank you to our donors!

July 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017

Amanda Abens
Kelley and Ken Abrahams
Andres Acedo and Belinda Barrington
Vivian Ackerman
Joanne Adams
Howard and Joanne Adams
Ada Adams
Carole and Kenneth Adler
Sherilyn Akey
Laura Aldag and Curtis Reinbold
Art Aldag and Sue Troutman
Kathy Alexander and Paul Lindsey
Mary Allen
John Allen and Connie Beck
Cecilia Alter
Ceanne Alvine and Roy Schneider
Patricia Anders
Wendy Anderson
Jeanne Anderson
Elspeth Anderson
Donn S Anderson
Roger Anderson
Caroline Anderson
Patricia Andrade and Henry Walker
Jen and Mike Anglin
Michelle Anthony
Richard and Deborah Apling
Daniel Arana and Willow Moon
Carol Arp
Andrew Arthur
Linda Lee Arzoumanian
Suzanne Ashby
Lee and Gay Ashton
Lyn Ashton
Carolee Asia
Kenna Atwell
Barbara Atwood and Peter Eisner
Dorothy Auer
Elaine Baarson
Julian M Babad
Javier Baca
Julia and Gary Bacon
Keith Bagwell
Ted and Cheryl Bahn
Christine Baines
Frieda Baker
Vince Baker and Kay Lehman
Baleka Baker
Barry Jon and Ila Susan Bakersipe
Lana Baldwin
Vicki and John Balentine
Mary Barleycorn
Roxanna Barnett
Kent and Nancy Barrabee
Dorothy Barth
Pamela Bass
Christine Bass
Dee and Bob Bates
Tammi Bauschka
Glenda and Stuart Bavier
William Bayne
David Bea
John and Kathleen Bean
Mary Becker and Dick VanWagner
Cathleen and Peter Becskehazy
Adam Begody
Patti Behr and Donn Alpert
Sam Behrend
Anne Beiter and Jon Shallop
Michael Bejarano
Dawne Bell and Rob Vander Voord
Pamela Bellows
Kathleen Bender
Betty Bengtson
Bruce and Anita Benike
Philip Bennett
James and Leslie Benson
Shanna Benson
Burton Bentley
John Berdahl
Marc Berg
Chris Berger
Debra Bergman
Elena Berman
John Bernal
Jeffrey Berringer
Kathleen Bethel
Samantha and Larry Betrus
Pam Betten
Amy and Khush Bhola
Cindy Bieger and Chuck Jaffe
Dionne Billick
Denise Birger
Gail Bistany
Gail and Sergio Blacutt
Charlotte Blanchard
Keith Bletzer
Joseph and LuAnne Blickenstaff
Audrey Block
Michael and Shelley Bloomfield
Douglas and Judith Bobbitt
Ann K and Fred Boice
Betsy Bolding
Joyce Bolinger
Yvette Bolla
Bonnie Bolton
Cydne Bolton
Carol Borges
Sarah and Todd Boroson
Ann and Edward Borseth
Samantha Bossert
Peter and Suzy Bourque
Coral J Bowman
Clifford and Kathleen Bowman
Steve Bracamonte
Bonnie Bradford
Kristi Bradford and Bruce Kaplan
Diane Bradford-Cox
Catherine Bradley
Diane Bradley
Sandra Brantley
Lillian Brantley-Thompson and Jimmy Thompson
Kimberly Braun and Steven Manson
Garry Brav
Donna Breckenridge
Carrie Brennan
Karen Brennan
Linda Brewer and Kasey Anderson
Cindy and Daniel Brocious
Richard and Susan Broder
Jerome and Adele Bromiel
Jill Brooker
Susy Broos
Marvin Brown
Eleanor Brown
Bobbi and Martin Brown
Arch and Laura Brown
Dorothy Brown-Smith
Brian Brumfield
Ann Bruner
Wanda Buchanan
Greta Buck-Rodriguez and Edward Rodriguez
Bobbie Jo Buel Carter and David Carter
Douglas Burruel
William Burrus
Sarah Buss
Peggy and Clarke Buss
Patricia Caldwell and Bob Gary
June Caldwell Martin
Bill and Karen Call
Claire Callahan
Nancy and James Callahan
Ruby Calvo-Gutierrez
Gabrielle Camacho
Cindy Campano
Elizabeth Campbell and Ernest Galaz
Juanita Campos
Brian Canady
Andrés Cano
Christine Carlin
Phylis Carnahan
Michael Carpenter
Kristin Carpenter
Candace Carrick
Jenny Carrillo
Nadine Carroll
Ross and Mary Carroll
Elizabeth Sue and William Carter
Shelley Carton
Julie and Brian Case
Daniel Casey
Jill Castek
Carmen Castro
Cynthia Chaffee
Monica Chapman
Loraine Chapman
Nikki Chayet
Martha Jane Chilcott
Cynthia Choate and Chris Young
Wes  Choc
Patricia Christenson
Suzanne Clay
Richard and Renee Clift
Patricia and Brian Clymer
Aroline Coates
Kathy Cohen
Mel Cohen and Molly Senor
Mary P Cole
Valorie Colson
Jenny Condit
Darlene Coney
Kristyn Conner
Katherine Conover
Krista Conway
Nancy and William Cook
Sherry and Brad Cook
Claire Coon
Dennis and Sevren Coon
Susan Cooper
Soledad Cooper
Susan Cooper Markovich
Sandra Cope
Thom and Melba Cope
Dorothy and Thomas Copps
Gretchen and John Corcoran
Duke and Janet Corley
Phylis Cornell
Sonia Cota-Robles
Justina Cotter
Laura Couchman
Suzanne Couvrette
Judy Cox and Lee Davis
Travis Craddock
Hal and Bonnie Crawford
William and Catherine Creamer
Janice Crebbs
Dorothea and Alan Crosby
Veronica Cruz-Mercado
Jean-Luc Cuisinier
Sue Cuneo
Judy Cunningham
Edward F Curley
Mary Jo Curtin
Scott Cylwik
Jacob and Nelda Cys
Sandy Czachor and Robert Lajcak
Rachele D Dakos
Maureen Daney
Marie Daniels
Candace Danielson
Jenifer and Greg Darland
Victor and Janet Daub
Bryan and Elizabeth Daum
Charles and Elena D’Autremont
Sally Davenport and Sam Zelman
Norma Davenport
Karen Davenport
Shirley Davis
Dorothy Davis
Suzette Davis
Dennis and Karen Davis
Mary Margaret Peg Davis
Steven Davis
Elizabeth Davison
Valerie Davison and Janine Hernbrode
Jacquelyn Davoli
Amelia Decker
Kate DeMeester
Douglas and Janet Demlow
Moody Denniston
Margaret Denny
Gail Dent
Stephen Desens
Virginia Desmond
David Devine and Susie Morris
Bill and Ann DeVinney
Donna Dewitt Schnell
Daniela Diamente
Gilda and Edward Dick
Del and Jane Dickey
Virginia Diebold
Dorothy Dittmar
William and Mary Jo DiVito
Maedell and Harold Dixon
Harold Dixon
Mary Ann and Darryl Dobras
Daniel Docks and Mary Ginter
Jennifer Doley
Jeanine Domicone
Patricia Donahue
Christine Donovan
Shelly Dorsey
Arlene Douglas and Dick Swain
LaVonne Douville
Carol Dow
Walter Doyle
Jack Doyle
Eugene Dozmati
Linda Drake and David Van Wyck
Lisa and Kevin Driskill
Mary Dryden
Debra Drysdale
Susan Dubow
Carolyn Dumler
Gabriella Duncan and William Marshall
Cynthia Duncan
Sandra Dunford
Gail E Dunlap
John Dunlap
Martha Durkin and John Leonardo
Keith Dveirin
Earlene Dykes
Brienne Dylewski
Dottie Eakin
Evelyn Edmonds
Andrea Edmundson
William Edwards
Tom and Jackie Edwards
Rosie Eilat-Kahn
Pat Eisenberg
Sandy Elers
Frances and Roy Emrick
Jean Emrick and Patricia Snyder
Kristen Engel
Susan and Richard Enholm
Thomas Ervin and Jodi Goalstone
Nancy Eswein
John Euber
Marcy and Tom Euler
Jeffrey Evans
Carrie and Bob Evans
Grace Evans
Palmer and Sara Evans
Jane and Gene Evans
Jane E Evans
Annette Everlove and Mike Johnson
John and Susan Ey
The Hardy Family
Frank Farias
Nancy Farina
William Faris
Ed and Kelsey Farrell
Sean and Beth Feeney
Jeffrey Feierabend
James and Mary Feisley
Eileen and Richard Feldgus
Ana Fernandez
Valerie Feuer
John and Marianne Fife
Susan Fifer
Dorothy Filip
Brooke Finley
Bill Finley
Marlene Fiol
Shirley Fisher
Faye Fisher
Lynn Flanagan
Hugh and Jane Fletcher
Holly Floden
Sharon and Ronald Foltz
Diane Foray
Jane Ford
Diane Fordney
Margaret Foster
Michelle Foth
Roger Fox and Gail Harris
Judith Fox
Marty Frailey
Janet Frakes
Lisa Frank
Susan and Randy Friese
John Fristik and Cynthia Rupp
Courtney Frogge
Roger Funk
Jack Furrier
Tim Furrier
Rosanna and Arturo Gabaldon
Ernest and Marie Galaz
Janice and Derek Gallagher
Ana Gallegos
Carol and Kreg Gamble
Selina Garces and James Fein
Cynthia Garcia
Sherrie Garth
David and Ilona Gay
Trish Gehlen and Woodford Remencus
Keith and Ida Gentzler
Deborah Gessaman
Donie Gignac
Sharon Gilbert
Rebecca Gill
Alice Ann and Jerry Gilmore
Elaine Gilvear
Linda Gilvear
Tamara and Carlos Giordanelli
Shelly Glandon
Erin Glockner
Jan and Jim Goeller
Sheryl and Steve Gohrke Pincus
Barbara Goldberg
Yetta and Ken Goodman
Michael Gordy
Vicki Gotkin and Ed French
Brett Gould
Dana Graham
Jean and Vincente Granillo
Bonnie Grant-Baird
Edna Gray
Eileen Graydon Ketchum
Rachel Green
Rick and Deborah Green
Karen Greene
Kathleen Greer
Mary Gresham
David and Virginia Griffis
Karen and Leonard Griffith
Marc and Danielle Griffiths
Shirley Griggs
Raúl and Mona Grijalva
Jacqueline and Hugh Grinnell
Donna Grischow
Timothy Grivois-Shah
Mariya Gromyko
Shana and Parry Grossman/Wilson
Peggy Guerrero
Joe Gulotta
Geraldine and Leo Gutierrez
Chris Gutierrez
Marsie Habib
Carol Hahn
Gillian Haines
Lester and Virginia Hair
Barbara Hall
Patricia Hall
Nikki Halle
Stephanie Hamilton
Sara Hammond and David Fales
Barbara Hammond
Paige and John Hamner
Jill Hansen
Aileen Hanson
Linda and Richard Hanson
Bob and Michele Harbour
Sidney Hardie
Dorothée Harmon
Katharine Harris
Josephine and Jules Harris
Charlotte Harris
Robin Buntz Harris
Elizabeth Harrison
Leo Hartke
Peg Hartman
Patricia Hartshorne
Roger Harwell
Andrea and Raymond Haugen
Paul Hawkins
Soozie Hazan
Carol and George Hearn
Lawrence Hecker
Sharon and Louis Hekman
Janice Hellyer
Katharine Hendrickson
Jayne Henninger
Sally and Dean Henry
Tim and Jan Henry
Yolanda Herrera
Linda Herrera
Trudy and Robert Hersch
Pete Hershberger
Chandra Hershey Lear
James Herzfeld
Susan Hetherington
Linden Hickey
Barry and Fern Hieb
Margaret Higgins
Kathleen Higgins
Collier and Styne Hill
Karen and Gerry Hill
Trudy Hill
James and Rebecca Sue Hilst
Carolyn Hislop
Shirley Hockett
Peggy Hoff
Joyce Hoffman
Teresa Holcomb
Eileen Hollowell
Merrilee Holmes
Lana Holstein and David Taylor
Judith Holt
Ann Holt and Al Grove
Lisa Holtorf
Katherine Hon
Susan Hoover
Linda Horowitz
Todd & Suzie Horst
Jodi and Kit Horton
Adam Hostetter
Stella and Phillip Hotchkiss
Carol and Jon Howe
Lee and Pat Howe
B. Joseph Howell
Helen Howell
Rebecca Howey
Ke Chiang Hsieh
Sydnie Huber
Chuck Huckelberry
Mary Hudson
Esther Hull
Gretchen Hull
Bob & Joanne Hungate
Susan Husband
Barbro Huth
John and Maureen Hutter
Cosette and Keith Hutton
Elizabeth Ignatoff
Peter and Terese Ireland
Marcia Isbell
Mary Lou and Kenneth Iserson
Patsy Islas
Maxine Jackson
Deborah Jacob
Suzanne and George Jacoby
Elizabeth Jaeger and Stuart Moody
Lynette and Bill Jaramillo
Zack Jarrett
Daisy Jenkins
Don Jenks
Mari Jensen and Karl Flessa
Lawrence and Cindy Jentgen
Janice Jirsak
Sherry Johns
Betty and Darrell Johnson
Hill and Sarah Johnson
Marion Johnson
Anne and Richard Johnson
Gary and Paula Johnston
Mindy Jones
Jane P Jones
Virginia Jones
Lori Jones and Jaime Ratner
Carol Jones
Joni and Gary Jones
Ed and Elaine Joseph
Richard Joyce and Sandra Owen-Joyce
Donna Jurich
Jeremy Kahn
Vicki Kalen
Gail Kamaras
Sally Kane
Linda Karl and Gordon Caldwell
MaryHelen Kaser
Julie Kasper
Lynn Kastella
Debby Kauffmann
Robin and Mary Keil
Margaret and Loren Keldahl
Jan Kellogg
Nancy Kelly and James Mohr
Lucille Kembel
Gary Kenyon
Elizabeth Kepley
Lisa Kern and Ralph Webb
Laura Kerr
Betty King and Joseph Donovan
Tim Kinney
Stanley and Karen Kissinger
Jay and Barbara Kittle
Janice and Al Kivel
Sheri and Phil Kleiman
Patricia and Frederick Klein
Barbara Klein
Isabelle Kleinman
Anita Klever
Louise Kligman
Kathy Knecht
Michelle Knorre
Brenda Koedyker
Katina and Michael Koller
Richard Kopp
Brian Koppy
Gail Koshland Wachtel
Kevin and Jane Kottmer
Bob Kovitz
Michael Kozubal
Cynthia Kramer
William  Krauss and Kate McMillian
Wendy Kreider
Tamar Rala Kreiswirth and Peter Deluca
Dorothy Kret and Michael Lex
Maryanne Krisher
Arthur Kurlanzik
Nancy and Kent Kwoh
Mary Jo LaBeff
Kimberly Labriola
Sue Labuda
Holly Lachowicz
Michel Lahti
Lori Lantz
Merv Lantz
Edie Lantz Leppert
Sally Lanyon
Felice Larmer and Russ Horner
Jean Larson
Nicki and Richard Lasky
Janina Latack
Gerald and Lia Lavallee
Linda Leatherman
Kathryn Leavey
Ira and Donna Leavitt
Jon Lee
Sylvia Lee
Joellen Leeber
Jane Leonard
Richard Leopold
Robert Leto
Joel and Mary Levin
Helaine Levy
Barbara and Marty Levy
Merry Lewis
Robert Lewis
Xiu Li
Alayna Liang
Cathy Lichti
Christopher Linscott
Sydney Lipman and Randall Mandigo
Lawrence J Lippert
Jill Littrell
Diana Liverman
Rebecca Lock
Peggy Lockard
Katherine and Wayne Locke
Cheryl Lockhart
Jennifer Lohse
Linda Lohse
Richel Shelley Long
Phil and Pam Lopes
Carmen Lopez
Rudy Lopez
Roseanne Lopez
Gabriel and Jane Lopez
Ersilia Loustaunau
Jim Lovelace
Stephanie Lovinger
Doris Lowery
John Lucia
Marilyn J Ludwig
Jutta Lunario
Karen Lunda
Cordelia Lundquist
Mary Lyle
Gypsy and David Lyle
Michael and Judy Lynch
Steve Lynn
Linda Lyon
Philip and Carol Lyons
Elizabeth MacNeill and Bill Crown
Martha Madani
Chris Maglione
Linda and Michael Mague
Deborah Maling and Peter M Blankfield
Ann Maly
Sanjay Manchanda
Maria Alejandra Mandel
Larry and Virginia Mann
Josephine Mann
Trey Mapes
Ruth Marblestone
Elinor and George Marcek
Elaine Marchello
Janet and Frank Marcus
Fred Marderness
Thomas and Bonnie Mardian
Frank Marino
Carmen Marriott and Bob Clark
Harriet Marsh
Susan Marshall
Vera Martignetti
Jennifer Martin
Barbara Martinez
Michael Martinez
Bill and Joan Marum
Ronald Marx
Lucy Masterman
Carolyn Masters
Morgan Matchett
Amber Mathewson
Carmen Matsuda
Elizabeth Matthias-Loghry and Bryan Matthias
Sarah Mauet
Dorothy P Maxson
Felicia and Warren May
Clifton Mayfield
Amber Mazzei
Mark and Jane McCabe
Jill McCleary
Karen and Bill McCloskey
Nancy and Doug McClure
Jane McCollum
Michael McConnell
Mary Belle and Richard McCorkle
Marilyn McCrindle
Kathleen McDaniel
Judy McDermott
Anna McGeagh
Michael McGrath
Michael and Eileen McGrath
Sarah McGreevy Gorman
Barbara McKean
Donna McKinnis
Rebecca McLane
Arlis McLean and Mike Melton
Susan McMahon
Glen McManaman
Nathaniel McMullen and Naomi Rance
Fran and Rick McNeely
Bonnie McPherson
Sharon McQueen
Kirsten Mead
C. Sue Meier
Robert Mellon
Frances McLane Merryman
Dawn Messer
Joan Metzger
Roseann Milano
Michael Milczarek
Melissa Miller
Liz and Marc Miller
Frances B Miller
Julie Miller
Barbara Miller
Gay Miller
Hanna Miller and Lisa Jakobsen
Ethel and Hank Miller
Barbara and Russ Miller
Roslyn Miller
Cathleen and Paul Milligan
Robert and Julia Ann Millis
Victoria Mills
Sylvia Mioduski
Elisabeth Mishkind
Mary Frances Mitchell
William Mitchell
Robert and Kathy Mohelnitzky
Judy Moll
Vivian Montgomery
Nancy and Paul Montgomery
Wanda Montoya
Kim Moore
Lorraine Morales
Judith Moreillon and Nicholas Vitale
Linda Morenz
Ronald Morgan
Kenneth Morris
Christopher Morrison
Ed and Tatia Morrison
Lana Morton
Elizabeth Morton
Barbara Moylan
Denise Mudigere
Dennis and Sue Mulligan
Mary Lynne Mullins
Alissa Murphy
Mary Murphy and Bob Cairns
Sean Murray
Patricia Murray
Cathryn Murrow
Richard Muszynski
Barbara C and Vern Myers
Dee Dee Nagel
Ronald and Dona Nairn
Deborah Narcus
Robert Nardone
Elena and Diego Navarrette
Sylvia Keilitz Neal
Patrick Nelson
Monica Nelson
Grant Nelson
Noreen Nelson
Marie Nemerguth
Al and Christine Neroni
Lucille Netsch and Thorne Pierce
Brenda Neufeld
Sheri Neufeld and Jeffrey Koloseus
Donna Neuleib
Timalee Nevels
Luis Newell
Phyllis Newton
Elizabeth Ney
Colleen Niccum
Constance Nicholson
Carol Niehoff
Donna and Eugene Nielson
Ardis Niemann Noonan and Jim Noonan
Doug and Roger Noffsinger
Leah Noreng
Ingrid Novodvorsky and Christopher Johnson
Brooke Nowak
Judy Nugent
Tom and Linda Nunn
Ana Nygren
Sharon O’Brien and Kipp Metzger
Barbara and Alan O’Brien
Sharon O’Driscoll and Robert Miller
Dana Offerman
Katherine O’Hara
Lynne Oland
Marilyn Olander
Brenda Olivas
Sharon Oliver and Daniel Chavez
Larry Olivier
Laurie Olson
Gayle Olson
Rebecca Olson
Dorothy Olson
Betty Ord
Annette Orelup
Melanie Ormsby
Thomas H. Orr
Kathryn Ortiz
David Ortiz
Clara Ortiz
Juliana Osinchuk
Chuck and Susan Ott
Fred Pace
Susan and Stuart Padove
Bob and Eileen Palles
Leslie and Greg Pape
Celeste Pardee
Susan Parker-Hotchkiss
Loraine Parr
Meredith Parsons
Kathy Pastryk
Marguerite Patterson
Julie Patze
Jane and Conrad Paul
Ann-Eve Pedersen
Robin Peel
Jane Pence
Victoria and Jack Perella
Steve Perella
Anne Marie Peters
Gerald and Lorna Petersen
Frederick and Christine Petersen
Katya Peterson
Thomas and Laura Pew
Linda Phelan
Marion and Peter Pickens
Tracy Pitt and Tom Powers
Nancy Pitt
Suzanne Poirier
Mary Elizabeth and Robert Pollard
Marilyn Pongowski
Laura Porfirio and Ian McDaniel
Kate Porter
Jeanne Porter
Leslie Porter
Penelope Porter
Donovan Porterfield
Linda and Charles Poverman
Winona Powell
Pamela Powers Hannley
Cynthia Pratt
Karyn Prechtel and Jonathan Altman
Linda and Dennis Primavera
Natalie and Tony Proudfoot
Jill and Keith Provan
Mary Provost
Kevin and Lynette Puderbaugh
Renée Purdie
Nobi Pyle
Heidi Radtke
Sharyn and Ahmad Rafieyan
Kathy Ramage-White
Kay Ransdell
Suzanne and David Ray
Judith Raymond
Barbara Rector
Ann Redding
Jane Reed
Richard and Constance Reeves
Sofia Reynolds
Betty Richards
Irvin Richards
Carol and Gary Richelson
Kay Richter
Emily Ricketts
Roxana Rico
Rebecca and James Ridge
Jo Riester
Dorothy and Timothy Riley
Mary Rimsza
Mary L Riordan
Angela and John Roberts
Elisabeth Roberts
Deborah Roberts
Megan Robertson
Lisa and Mark Robinson
Carolyn Robinson
Cynthia Robison
Jennifer Roche
Mary Rodenboh
Daisy Rodgriguez Pitel
Joseph H Rodriguez Jr
Joanne and Duane Roit
Sandra Rollin
Richard and Elizabeth Rollman
Cristina Roman Jenkins
Marsha and Rona Rory
Jennie L Rosecrans
Laurie Ross
Isaac Rothschild
Barnett Rothstein
Gretchen Roward
Marianne Rowe
Beth Ruboyianes
Nancy and Ronald Rude
Dianne Ruehle
Clarissa Ruiz
Maria Luisa Ruiz Luna
Margaret Rummler
Lois Runyon
Barbara Rush
Marjory Russakoff
Dale Russakoff
Entisar Sabbagh
Connie and Tom Sacra
Patti Sadick
Daniel Sakall and Jennifer Wortman
Dee Ann and James Sakrison
Peter Salomon and Patricia Morgan
Stephen Saltonstall
Roger and Faith Salzgeber
Joan Samuelson
Anna Sanchez
Mary Sanchez
David & Isabel Sanchez
Shirley Sandelands
Brooke Sanders Silverman
Wendy and Brent Sandweiss
Doris Sanford
Charles and Connie Sanner
Lane Santa Cruz
Rich Saunders
Mary Beth Savel and Geoffrey Parker
Susan Saxton
Marianne and Glenn Schaefer
Timothy Schaffner and Anne Maley-Schaffner
Leslie Schellie
Kendall Schellie-Daniels
Charlene Schildt
Sue Schildt
Antoinette Schlaefer
Paula Schlusberg
Ellen Schmand
Susan Schmarak
Sarah and Robert Schmerl
Gloria Schmidt
Edie Schmitz
Alexandra Schneider
Bobbie  Schorr and Doug Metcalf
S L Schorr
Jean Schroeder
Wallace and Meredith Schubach
Neva Schuelke
Renate Schulz
Gail Schumacher
Katherine Schwartz
Sharon Schwartz
Cita Scott
Joan Scurran
Renee Sebag
Catherine Seifert
Gust and Jean Servis
Margaret Shafer
C.J. Shane
Mary Shea
Carol Shearer
Ziad Shehab
Diana Sheldon
Mary Shelor
Holly Shenitzer
Marilyn and Raymond Shenn
Marian and Charles Shepard
Kathy Shepard
Mary Jo Sheridan
Suzanne Shields
Candace Shirley
Ellen Sidor
Gayle Siegel
Louise (Kit) Sikora
Carolyn Simbari
Carolyn Simmons
Michelle Simon
Pam and Bruce Simon
Virginia Simontacchi
Donna Singleton
Elizabeth Slaine
Martin Slattery
Louise Small
Ken and Linda Smalley
Phyllis Smith
Cheryl Smith
Katherine Smith
Janice Smith
Barbara Smith and Craig Gordon
Jan Soderstrom
Michael Solan
Elizabeth Soltero and Carlos Delgado
Carol Sontheimer
Janet Spadora
Ronald and Marcia Spark
Gail Spear
Kelly Spivack
Joanne Stanowski
Jennifer Stanowski and David Fife
Robert Stansfield
Ronald Staub
Betty Stauffer and Judy Moses
Anne  B. Stericker and Thad Regulinski
Muriel Stevens
Patricia Stewart
Arlene Stigen
Elsie Stoeckel
Rosemary and Carl Stoltenberg
Katherine Stone
Michelle Stonehouse
Naomi Story
Lori Stratton
Al and Norma Stringham
Meredith Strohm
Catherine Strong
Jeanne Struck
Ian Stuart
Gregory Stutz
Leslie Sullins and Ben Pierce
Tim and Diane Sullivan
Susan Sullivan
Craig Sumberg
Donna Surina
Patricia Tapke
Michael and Pat Taviss
Jeanne Taylor and Frank Mascia
Carol Taylor
Donna and Kenneth Taylor
Cooper Temple
Renee Terry
Patricia and Martin Thomas
Jimmy Thompson
Rosanne Thompson
Eve and Dean Thorburn
Matthew Thrasher
Susan Tiss
Allison Titcomb
Leslie Tolbert and Paul St. John
Nancy Tom
Caroline Tompkins
Mary Topmiller and Tim Fagen
C Ann Tousley
Jeanine Tracey
Judith Tracy
Jude Trautlein
Laurie Tucker
Linda and Gerry Tumarkin
Deb Turner and William Rhode
Sharelyn Tweedy
Karen Tyner
Nancy and Harold Tyson
Stanley and Diane Ushinski
Faye Vamvakias
Judy Van Naerssen
Steven and Carolyn Van Nort
Vernon Van Oosterhout
Aaron Van Roekel
Kate Van Roekel and Dan Millis
Marjorie Van Slyke
Betsy and John Vande Beuken
Michael Varney
Harry Vaughn Smith
Gayatri Vedantam and VK Viswanathan
Gerald and Ruth Vegodsky
Diane Veith
Mary Veres
Susan Vermilyea
Kyle Vietti
Betty and Granger Vinall
Josephine Voevodsky
Scarlett Vogel-Ham
Jere Voigt
A-Lan and John Von Hornlein Reynolds
Susan Vose
Steven Wagner
Christy and Brian Walker
Tanya Wall
Nancy B Wall
Linda and Bill Walsh
Monica and Jacob Walsh
Robin Walton
Jon and Noreen Wang
Joan Warfield
Nanette M Warner
John and Tilly Warnock
Patricia H Waterfall
Andrew and Cammie Watson
Linda Waugh
Karen Webster
Thomas and Sally Wegner
Bonnie Wehle
Eileen and Ray Weick
Joan Weinberg
Carol and Neil Weinstein
Sriura Weirich
Wendy and Elliott Weiss
Nancy Weiss
Joseph and Judith Weiss
Barry and Joyce Weiss
Russlyn Wells
Marina Welmers
Jeanette Wendt
Wendy Erica Werden and Don Eugene
Rebecca Werner
George Wezniak
Ellen Wheeler and David Nix
Teresa Whetzel
Margaret Wilch
Joseph and Margaret Wilder
John-Peter Wilhite
Margaret Wilkie
Karen Wilkison
Marie Williams
Eric K Williams
Robert and Marisol Williams
Frank and Linda Williams
Easlyn Williams
Susan Willis
Mary Wilson
Judith and Warfield Wilson
Jim Wilson
Greg and Dawne Wilson
Karen Wilson
Steve Wind
Stephen Windsor
Mary Ann Winn
Debra Winstead
Ott Wischki
Gayl Woityra
Sara Wolfe Vaughan
Doris Woltman
Helene and Mark Woodhams
Nancy and Reese Woodling
Bobbe Woods
Martin Woznica
Mary and Ewan Wright
Jane Wright
Silvia Yanez
Guy Yarter
Marie Yonkers
Patricia and Bill Young
Marcia and Michael Zaccaria
Judith Zelter
Elvira B. Ziegler
Theresa Zink
Gloria Zlaket
Howard and Linda Zveitel