Board of Directors


Board Chair:  Marcia Isbell
Program Manager, Unisource Energy. Joined 2014.

Chair Elect: Bobbie Jo Buel Carter
Former Editor of the Arizona Daily Stay, Reading Seed Coach. Joined 2016.

Treasurer:  Evan Feldhausen
Senior Accountant, Beach Fleischman PC. Joined 2012.

Secretary: Renée Clift, PhD
Associate Dean of the College of Education, University of Arizona. Joined 2014.

Past Chair: Lillian Brantley-Thompson
Retired Director, Raytheon Missile Systems. Joined 2012.

Thom Cope
Attorney, Mesch, Clark & Rothschild PC. Joined 2016.

Linda Gilvear
Retired Special Education Teacher, Amphi School District. Joined 2015.

Tim Henry
Retired, Businessman and Financial Planner, Reading Seed Coach. Joined 2016.

Tim Kinney
Attorney, Lazarus, Silvyn & Bangs. Joined 2016.

Katina Koller
PR Consultant. Joined 2017.

Sally Lanyon
Retired from Raytheon. Six Sigma Black Belt. Joined 2016.

Sylvia Lee, PhD
Retired Campus President, Pima Community College. Joined 2012.

Amber Mathewson
Director, Pima County Public Libraries. Joined 2017.

Dr. Amy Montgomery
Pediatrician, Tanque Verde Pediatrics. Joined 2017.



Board Members: for access to the board drive, please click here