“Don’t Be Afraid.”

Ana (third from left) with tutors and other GED grads

Literacy Connects is proud to announce the June 1, 2017 HSE/GED graduation of nine adult students! You may remember Ana as our inspiring student speaker from last year’s Get Connected event. We’re excited to share that she was able to take the stage earlier this month in official celebration of her GED.

In the interview below, Ana shares her hopes for the future and advice for anyone thinking about getting a GED.

What is the most difficult part of earning your GED?
It was easy for me because I had a lot of support from the tutors. The hardest was math. Larry was awesome, he was so patient with me. I had a really good connection with the tutors. Cydne helped me a lot. The tutors did awesome jobs.

What plans do you have for the future?
My goal is to become an LPN. I’m working with Cydne right now to take the next steps. Hopefully I can start at Pima Community College next year!

What challenges did you face without your GED?
Employers ask about it and decline you right away if you don’t have one. They look at you differently. They don’t hire you. They treat you differently if you don’t have one. Every job requires High School or GED so having it makes you feel more confident. No excuses, you are gonna need your GED! It opens up more employment options.

How do you feel about graduating?
It’s a step. It’s exciting!

Do you have any advice for hesitant learners?
Don’t be afraid. At the beginning it can be scary, sometimes you feel desperate. Everybody has a family, or kids, or things to do but if you want to find something better for yourself you have to do it yourself. Be open to learning and make a connection with your tutor.

Is there anything else you want to share with people?
To me it was like a miracle to go over to Literacy Connects. Cydne is an amazing human. I love her. She gives advice about other resources, the Lindsey Center is amazing. She’s doing a great job there. Cydne is the lighthouse. She’s always open. The best thing you guys are doing is the classes at the Lindsey Center. I’m very grateful.

One Response to ““Don’t Be Afraid.””

  1. Anna is a fantastic lady. I admire her determination to succeed.
    I’m pleased I had the opportunity to work with her. She will make a difference in other people’s lives.