The Best of Stories that Soar!

           The Stories that Soar! cast takes the stage!

Best of Stories that Soar! 2016-2017 Soars to New Heights

A special message from Sharon O’Brien, Artistic Director of Literacy Connects’ Stories that Soar!

How to sum up the efforts and success of an entire season of creativity, connects and story sharing magic in using only words?

Starting with gratitude, one of the things I love most about Best of Stories that Soar! is the heartfelt show of support from our community. Families, volunteers, supporters, board members, educators, arts patrons, elected officials, actors, musicians, and guest artists all come out to celebrate the children’s stories. This expression of shared values within our community speaks directly to our original vision. It is through all the hard work, commitment, and trust from so many people that what was once a dream is now a reality, making a real impact on lives of children and adults.

                    Fun at the Mid-Show Celebration

This year, the show was rich with spectacle, creativity, culture, and substance. The stories, written by some of our youngest citizens, clearly showed a broad range of humanity and the infinite ways stories can be told. I was absolutely humbled by the talent of the cast who was able to care for and honor these stories with such a sincere passion that the audiences were treated to a one-of-a-kind emotional experience.

As the last piece of confetti fluttered to the ground, I felt all of our hearts soaring with pure joy. Check and Star, 2016-17!!

Young Stories that Soar! authors celebrate the end of the first show with lots of confetti!


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