‘You know somebody who can’t read’

People all around you struggle with literacy in many ways and for many reasons. While the effects on each person are profound, these challenges taken together keep our entire community from reaching its full potential. When our neighbors struggle, we all lose.

Our whole community benefits when students like George improve their literacy skills. Once a struggling reader, George is now a businessman contributing to this community’s economy. More importantly, his success is helping nurture a new generation of readers.

Thanks to people like you, 50,000 children and adults in Southern Arizona found opportunities for learning last year through the programs of Literacy Connects. Nearly 1,500 volunteers helped change lives by giving their time and their enthusiasm for learning.

Thanks to support from Literacy Connects’ many friends, supporters and volunteers:

  • Doctors and parents work together to make sure babies develop language skills.
  • Struggling young readers catch up to their peers and learn to love reading.
  • Schoolkids build writing and language skills through creative expression.
  • Adults get the reading, writing and math skills they need to enter job-training programs or enroll in higher education.
  • Immigrants and refugees learn English so they can become fully integrated and contributing members of our community.

Your support helps people like George reach their goals and makes Southern Arizona the kind of place we all want to live.

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